What does a Nit (Lice Egg) look like?

How To Screen For Nits (Lice Eggs):

Nits are difficult to identify in the hair. It is best to go out side and look through the hair in the natural sunlight. Flip the head upside down and look at the hair behind the ears and the nape of the neck. 

Expect to see dandruff and hair debris, ignore it and keep looking for the tear drop shaped nits. 

1. Did the debris flake away or easily move when you touched it? If yes, it's not a nit.

2. Does it feel hard when you run the pads of your fingers over it? If no, it's not a nit. If yes,

try and scrap it off with your fingernails.

3. Did you have to scrap it off with your fingernails? If yes, put the debris on a white surface.

4. What does it look like? Is it a carmel to dark brown color and tear drop shaped? If yes, then you have discovered nits. If no, then it is probably not a nit. 

5. Continue to look through the hair repeating the above steps.

​If you have discovered nits, it is time to begin a head lice treatment and nit removal. 

Although you may not have seen any bugs, lice always come before the eggs. 

Head Lice & Nits (Lice Eggs)

Clear, opaque nits (lice eggs) are very difficult to identify in the hair because the clear portion of the egg reflects the hosts hair color. The above pictures are examples of clear opaque eggs. In dark brown or black hair the nits (lice eggs) may appear white or translucent. 

What is a Nit (Lice Egg)?

A nit is a 1mm-4mm lice egg that is a tear drop shaped and is attached to the side of the hair shaft. Ranging in color from clear or opaque to off-white, golden brown, carmel brown to chestnut brown. Nits hatch in 7-10 days. Nits are always the same shape, they are never a speck, irregular in shape, fuzzy or smoosh-able. They are literally glued to the hair shaft and stuck. It feels hard between the pads of the fingers and you will need to use your fingernails to move it down the hair shaft.  


Carmel Colored nits (lice eggs) will blend in with dark blonde to black hair and may be difficult to identify. They will have an opaque shine to them and will be stuck to the hair. 

In light blonde hair, carmel colored nits (lice eggs) are easy to identify and are often mistaken for sand. Avoid confusing beach sand or park sand from a nit by noticing where it is located on the head. If it is on the scalp, it is probably sand. If it is stuck on a strand of hair, then it is probably a nit.

What Are Nits

Is This A Nit (Lice Egg)?

Nit Confusion: Misidentified hair debris commonly mistaken for head lice or nits. Including but not limited to dandruff, fuzz balls, dirt, beach/playground sand, dead nits and more. 

DEC plugs (desquamated epithelial cells) may occur when oil glands in the scalp work to compensate for the drying effects of chemical treatments.  They are bright, white, irregularly shaped clumps of fat cells stuck to the hair. *

Hair casts are thin, elongated, cylinder-shaped segments of dandruff which encircle the hair shaft and are easily removed by sliding them down the hair shaft with little effort.*

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How To Treat Nits (Lice Eggs):

Nits are difficult to remove from the hair because lice glue them to the hair shaft. At this point

you may begin to panic. Take a deep breathe, you and your family are going to get through this and 

the lice and their nits will be gone soon. 

Your first option is to get this over with as soon as possible and call in a head lice professional.

A second opinion, can save a family an enormous amount of time and money.

For those do it yourself types, your going to need a few items and some extra time on your hands to get rid of your unwanted house guest. We recommend choosing natural products over pesticide based over the counter lice shampoos. Click here for more information on Nit Picky's professional products. For those of you who don't mind dousing your kids w/ harmful insecticides, immediately head to the store.

List of Items:

  • Metal Lice Comb
  • Lice/Nit Treatment Products
  • Olive Oil/Coconut Oil
  • Towel/s
  • Bowel Of Water
  • Paper Towels

Apply the products to the hair and begin combing with your lice comb. The only way 

to get rid of nits is to comb them out of the hair. They will not come off with shampoo, swimming or in time and there is no equipment, over the counter shampoo or prescription that will kill ALL OF THEM IN ONE TREATMENT,  they all say it will, but it's a LIE. So get out your gloves and start combing and you will get rid of nits!!! The biggest mistake made is to stop combing when you think they are all gone. Keep up the good work and keep running the lice comb to ensure that every one of those nits is removed.​​

Now if your ready to throw in the towel and call in the BIG GUNS, we completely understand. This job 

is time consuming and is not for everyone. Especially those that cannot stand the sight of BUGS! That's right, expect to see some bugs, they are the creepy culprit and the reason behind the infestation. Reach out to us for professional advice and a caring ear to help get you through this. If you decide that you would like to hire our services, we will remove the lice and nits for you using our all natural products and professional nit picking capabilities. With one simple phone call, your lice problems will go away.

Either option is a good option, you will need to decide what option will work best for you.